Security cameras vs Monitored security cameras

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Security cameras that are not monitored are typically of little value when individuals or businesses fall victim to theft. Recently a retirement condominium was the latest construction site to be targeted by thieves in St. Albert, RCMP say. Within 20 minutes, they had left with more than 200 ground fault circuit breakers and vault plugs, valued at more than $20,000. Thieves usually wear hoodies, masks, and other objects to obscure their identities. Over my 20 years in the security industry I have yet to see surveillance footage result in the identification of individuals responsible for a theft. 

Video monitoring provides real time identification of potential threats, unlike passive surveillance, which can prevent incidents from happening. So why aren’t businesses hiring security guards to watch cameras? The simple answer is cost, that's where GuardVue’s video monitoring service comes in. 

Monitoring security cameras is not a new idea, business would have dedicated security guards to watch cameras. Compared to traditional security guards GuardVue’s live video monitoring is far less expensive than traditional security guards. The security cameras requires no breaks or holidays, covers multiple areas at the same time, and are immune to intimidation and adverse weather. Using two way audio our video monitoring station can prevent incidents from happening by notifying individuals that their presence is known and authorities will be called if required.

Source: CTV News



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