Default Camera Passwords and Recommendations

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Default Camera Passwords and Recommendations

Most manufacturers now require the creation of a unique password before the camera can be set up ensuring no default passwords are used. Integrators and customers should still ensure all passwords created are robust and secure by following the recommendations below.

There are several factors to consider when creating a strong password. As a general rule, a combination of upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and special characters makes a good combination. But even when using such a combination, you need to remember the following points.

  1. Do not use sequential letters or numbers such as 1234 or abcd.
  2. Do not use identifiable information such as your birthday, phone number, address and so on. These might be easy for you to remember but also easy for hackers to guess.
  3. Ensure you combine unrelated words and phrases that are difficult to guess.
  4. Do not use dictionary words as they are. Mix them up with numbers and characters.
  5. Do not write or store your passwords on paper or in electronic documents. Use password managers if needed.
  6. Do not reuse passwords from one site to another. If hackers figure out the password for one device, they will likely try the same on other devices.


Username: admin/123456 or Password: Admin/123456

Amcrest - Username: admin Password: admin

American Dynamics - Username: admin/admin or Password: admin/9999

Arecont Vision - Username: admin Password: admin

AvertX - Username: admin Password: 1234

Avigilon - Username: admin Password: admin

Axis Communications - Historically the default password was “root”, and the password was “pass”. But in new Axis cameras, you would need to make a password in the first login. For ONVIF access, the “root/pass” combination could be used, but to log into the camera, you would need to create a root password.

Basler - Username: admin Password: admin

Bosch - Default usernames and passwords are not required for Bosch cameras, but you will be asked to make new passwords in the latest firmware.

Brickcom - Username: admin Password: admin

Canon - Username: root Password: camera

Cisco - There is no default password - you will have to create a password during your first log in.

CP Plus - Username: admin/admin Password: password/admin

Dahua Technology - In the new models: you need to create a password during the first login. In older devices: Username: admin, Password: admin

Digital Watchdog - Username: admin Password: admin

D-Link - Username: admin Password: <blank>

DRS - Username: admin Password: 1234

DVTel - Username: Admin Password: 1234

DynaColor - Username: Admin Password: 1234

FLIR - Username: admin Password: fliradmin

FLIR (Dahua OEM) - Username: admin Password: admin

FLIR (Quasar/Ariel) - Username: admin Password: admin

Foscam - Username: admin Password: <blank>

GeoVision - Username: admin Password: admin

Grandstream - Username: admin Password: admin

Hanwha - Username: admin Password: there is no default password - you must create it during the initial setup

Hikvision Digital Technology - The latest firmware requires you to make a unique password. Earlier username and password were admin and 12345

Honeywell - Username: admin Password: 1234

IndigoVision (Ultra) - No default password or username

IndigoVision (BX/GX) - Username: Admin Password: 1234

Intellio - Username: admin Password: admin

Interlogix - Username: admin Password: 1234

IQinVision -Username: root Password: system

IPX-DDK - Username: root Password: admin or Admin

JVC - Username: admin Password: jvc

Longse - Username: admin Password: 12345

Lorex - Username: admin Password: admin

LTS - Previously the combination was username: admin and password: 12345. Now you will need to create your unique password.

March Networks - Username: admin Password: <blank>

Mobotix - Username: admin Password: meinsm

Northern - Earlier, the combination was admin and 12345 but now requires you to make a new password.

Oncam - Username: admin Password: admin

Panasonic - New firmware requires you to make your own password.

Pelco - You need to create your password

Pixord - Username: admin Password: admin

Q-See - Username: admin Password: admin or 123456

Reolink - Username: admin Password: <blank>

Samsung Electronics - Username: root or admin Password: root or 4321

Samsung Techwin (old) - Username: admin Password: 1111111

Samsung (new) - New firmware prompts you to create a new password upon login. Earlier password and username were admin and 4321.

Sanyo - Username: admin Password: admin

Scallop - Username: admin Password: password

Sentry360 (mini) - Username: admin Password: 1234

Sentry360 (pro) - No default username or password.

Sony - Username: admin Password: admin

Speco - Username: admin Password: 1234

Stardot - Username: admin Password: admin

Starvedia - Username: admin Password: <blank>

Sunell - Username: admin Password: admin

SV3C - Username: admin Password: 123456

Swann - Username: admin Password: 12345

Trendnet - Username: admin Password: admin

Toshiba - Username: root Password: ikwd

VideoIQ - Username: supervisor Password: supervisor

Vivotek - Username: root Password: <blank>

Ubiquiti - Username: ubnt Password: ubnt

Uniview - Username: admin Password: 123456

W-Box (Hikvision OEM, old) - Username: admin Password: wbox123

W-Box (Sunell OEM, new) - Username: admin Password: admin

Wodsee - Username: admin Password: <blank>

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